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<!--01-->Prioritization of functions   Prioritization of functionsIndustrial theme (project file)  

The Excel file proposed automatically generate a table of ranking functions, used especially during the specification phase of the industrial theme in 2nd year of BTS CPI.

After enumerating the number of core functions and the number of functions constraints, it is sufficient for each pair of functions to make the choice of which one is most important of the two, and in any importance, using pull-down menus inserted in every cell of a pivot table. The edges of this table are automatically generated. The relative weight of functions, in absolute and percentage terms, is provided instantly and a diagram of the relative importance of features, expressed as a percentage, is generated in real time.


The folder contains a sheet input and output, a sheet of sample preparation and a sheet of help to the user.

Created by Virgile VALETTE (Webmaster), this tool is the subject of a topic in the Forum. Any questions or comments regarding this tool can be filed, We can answer in English or french.



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